Hybrid / electric Engines

Italtecnica is also working on the development of hybrid engines, in collaboration with Actua – spin-off society of the Politecnico di Torino devoted to the development of mechatronic systems. This type of engine achieves greater fuel economy and lower emissions than conventional internal combustion engines. Indeed, an electric engine combined with a thermial one provides for a further improvement of the downsizing, namely the adoption of a supercharged engine with a lower displacement, capable of equivalent or even better performances than bigger engines. And with crucial advantages: lower emissions and greater fuel efficiency..

Replacing a gasoline engine with an electric one would provide the opportunity to have a fuel-efficient, noise-efficient and emission-efficient motor. Furthermore, the hybrid has a built-in safety backup. If the gasoline engine brokedown, the electric motor could still be used, giving a pilot more time to find a suitable landing place or solve the problem.
An electric engine combined with a thermal one produces enough energy to charge the batteries and to provide power to supply high tension services – thus becoming an additional engine to be used during take-off or in manoeuvres in which extra power is required.