Test benches

In our 6 test benches it is possible to carry out validation or development tests, both on Diesel and Gasoline engines.
Each test bench is provided with special equipment and measuring instruments, of ISO9001:2008 quality standard.
Other instruments can also be provided, following the customers’ specifications.
Test benches can run 24/7.

Each test bench is equipped for thermal test, durability test as the “killer test”, double engine water set point, automatic cycles handled by PC, automaticengine shutdown when alert thresholdsexceeded.

Following some examples:

  • system for scuffing test (“hot scuff” 7-12°C)
  • performance testing
  • validation and development tests
  • killer tests
  • exhaust manifold tests
  • accelerated camshaft / crankshaft tests
  • EGR sticking tests
  • engine durability tests
  • NATO tests