Italtecnica, in agreement with her partners, offer these services: 



  • mechanic components assembling on cars
  • gearbox/differential assembly and review
  • components adapting on cars, for new prototypal preparations (also with eventual chassis and bodywork modifications)
  • non distructive checks (Magnaflux, penetrant liquids, material hardness)
  • Lay-out checks
  • TIG / MIG and inert gas welding
  • Brakes: design and developement of braking system, 
    dimensioning and adapting to the European standard for approvals, 
    possibility to work in agreement with main producers.
    first braking system for super car (Ferrari and Maserati)
  • suspension Design: MULTIBODY ANALYSIS
  • transmissions developement, including 4WD traction

Engine design

Street engine developement for Euro 4 approvals.
Racing engine developement..

  • Engine Layout
  • Engine Components Development for street and racing cars
  • Power System Location
  • Engine Bay Layout
  • Engine Prototype
  • Engine Homologation for emissions

Test benches

Italtecnica provides for completely automated test benches up to 900 Hp @10000 rpm, in a suitable environment, with conditioned combustion air temperature and humidity (±1°C, humidity ±5%).
Each test bench is provided by an independent fuel tank, and is possible to use alternative fuels.

Vehicle workshop

On an existing base (chassis, engine, components or bodywork) of the actual product we can develope new cars:

  • 2/4 doors sedan, station wagon, coupè
  • sport cars
  • cabrio
  • closed off-road cars (SUV)
  • open off-road cars (PICK UP)
  • special vehicles
  • electric vehicles, bifuel, hybrid 

Restoration of vintage cars

  • Engines
  • Mechanic parts
  • Suspension
  • Chassis
  • Entire vehicles


We are able to offer a complete service for homologation of vehicles or components according to the new (EEC) andold approach (e..E..).

  • Component characterization in climatic chamber
  • Dynamic acoustic models
  • Acoustic transparency
  • Modal analysis
  • Internal noise
  • Bench fatigue tests on powertrain
  • Power curve
  • Emission tests